About Us

Vytautas Magnus University has set itself the task of putting people and their personal dignity first, which entails recognition of their achievements and individuality; showing openness to, and toleration of, various cultures and worldviews; achieving leadership positions in research and teaching of the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and biomedicine; developing international networks and intercultural communications; fostering international studies in the Lithuanian language; becoming relevant to challenges facing world universities; and promoting innovative research and modern teaching.

We want to share our knowledge and experience with you by opening educational resources that are available here @ openu.vdu.lt

Liberal Arts University

What sets this university apart is its willingness to organize studies, scientific research and life of the community in a different way. Classical liberal arts universities are the labs of modern life, educating bold young people who are not afraid to experiment and are on their way to becoming professional contributors to their own country’s future. A classical university is not governed by pragmatic matters. Formulas do not apply here. This is the space for young people to develop critical thinking and become more open-minded. This is where the country’s future is built. Such is the Vytautas Magnus University of today.

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